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El Alemán is a cozy Hospedaje in Barreal.  This small “oasis” is nestled in the Andes - in the magnificat Valle de Calingasta (right photo), province of San Juan. The colonial style building offers homey apartments and a generous breakfast every morning.

Our idyllic location at 1,750m above sea level, our climate and our welcoming hospitality let you immediately forget any previous stressful activity, may it be related to work, study or something else ... Please come and visit us to find out for yourself - you’ll find your new Happy Place ...
Days cannot be long enough! The comfortable climate and almost 320 sunny days per year allow for a lot of fun, which may include wind-car rafting, kayaking excursions, mountain climbing, mountain biking, trail running, horseback riding, and many more activities depending on your interests and love to explore.
A world-class nearby observatory offers tours during the day and at night! Imagine a pitch-black night and no disturbance through other light sources.
For even more information about the observatorio and its equipment click on the picture to the right.